Unprecedented times – leading new conversations with data

Posted on 2020-09-10 by Mark Monfort

The term "unprecedented" has been repeated often in 2020. It’s a word that has come to symbolize the chaos and disruption that has left many people and companies in turmoil. Despite this, "unprecedented" does not have to just have negative connotations though. There is the opportunity to create unprecedented good in this world too. With Arturo Rodriguez and I coming onboard to the DSAi community I think there is an unprecedented opportunity and that is to have more amazing conversations around the power of data and the technologies out there than can turn raw information into powerful insights.


For those who don't know, DSAi was built from a collective of separate data science communities and brought together thanks to co-founders Jacky Koh, Paul Steven Conyngham and Shuning Zhao. Over their short period of existence, they've grown from strength to strength and we're going to continue developing the value that a community like this can bring.


2020 has been a crazy year for people in many industries but data and technology can be a catalyst to change and improve the world and give people a chance to control the narrative. Whether you're a decision maker, manager, analyst or someone just starting to get invovled in data, then come check out DSAi and register your interest in the link below so you too can become part of an amazing community.

We’re going to be focusing on 3 types of events that the data community in Australia (and globally) can be a part and we’re looking forward to those who can participate as well as those who have ideas for how they can contribute to the conversation here.


The 3 event types are made to help facilitate conversations for different levels of users. These range from Getting Started events for the novice data analysts and those interested in getting started to Masterclasses for the more senior and advanced people working with data. Finally, we will also be catering towards the decision makers on the data community and helping them understand the latest and greatest goings on in the the world of data. Bringing all of these sorts of people together in one place means we’ll all be talking the same language and we hope will lead to more meaningful conversations about data. When it comes to talking about data we want DSAi to be the place to go to and we want to make sure everyone gets value from it.


Event types

  • Getting Started – these events are for those getting started and we will have speakers present examples of work that they have done. This ranges from crunching the numbers with data science tools like Python and R to visualization techniques in data analytics applications like Qlik, Tableau or Power BI.
  • Masterclasses – these events are geared towards more experienced people across different industries to talk about specific problems they’ve solved as well as coming together to help each other solve problems. There may be some data war stories or examples of how to get projects done better.
  • Interviews and Roundtables – this type of event brings in more of the decision makers and business end of the scale into the data conversation. Whilst a data community can get a lot done by collaborating with one another, we want to get more parts of the business into the conversation too so we can better understand their pain points and help each other with better ways of working. These interviews (and eventually roundtables) will help us understand that.

It's going to be an exciting period going forward for DSAi and we look forward to being part of your data journey!

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