Machine Learning Jokes

Posted on 2019-05-20 by Imam

Machine Learning Jokes

Robot performing a stand up comedy routine.

If you don’t find this funny, well, its time to brush up your linear algebra and multivariable calculus.

  1. Why are neural networks better than humans ? Because they actually learn from their mistakes.
  2. Why is machine learning so racist ? Because it divides everything in classes.
  3. What do you call glorified curve fitting ? Deep learning.
  4. Why can’t random forest learn anything on its own ? Because it needs supervision.
  5. Data scientist goes in for a kidney transplant. Asks the surgeon “ Have you done this before “ The surgeon says “ No, but I have watched the first 10 minutes of ‘Learn surgery in 1 hour’".
  6. How do you raise a billion dollar for your coffee business in silicon valley ? You rename the business to Deep.Coffee.AI
  7. What is Ian Goodfellow's favourite catch phrase ? Yes we GAN.
  8. 1 Million robots marched towards the cliff, 999999 fell off the cliff and were destroyed but 1 didn't, why ? Because it takes a robot that many examples to learn something.
  9. Whats the difference between a LSTM and Donald Trump ? A LSTM is capable of generating perfect English sentences.
  10. What did the cost function say to the waiter after looking at the dinner bill ? Hey can you minimize that.

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